Skills you get from playing solitaire.

News 10:03 March 2024:

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Technology and its advancements has brought a significant change in the world we are living in today. Across the globe, almost all industries have taken advantage of technology, particularly the interment. A number of sectors have utilized it and gone further to capitalize on every chance they get as far as technology is concerned. Internet, marketing, business, communication and entertainment are now synonymous. Without forgetting the entertainment industry, has invested heavily on technology and internet. This state of affairs has benefited gamers in a way that they have been motivated even more. Talking of the gaming world, am sure you have heard of the classic solitaire game and other card games in the world of solitaire. Today am sharing with you some of the reasons why I am in love with solitaire games and I bet you will find yourself playing it now and then for the same reasons. Just read on.

Let me start by sharing my experience with solitaire games. I first started playing it some years back, and I have been a big fun since then. What I mean is that not a day will pass by without having logged into my PC to play the game. Am quiet lucky that I found solitaire at the stage where there are PC’s and I didn’t have to start it then old fashioned way when you could play with real cards. Though I have also tried the old fashioned with a deck of cards and believe me when I say it’s more fun with the modern one. Looking at the gaming world, solitaire is actually the first game developed to run on windows 3.1. and has since been developed to run on almost every platform available in the world of today.

I believe you have heard of the scholars saying that you train your brain in various ways in whatever you do on daily basis. Also, the words you use constantly, train your brain in other ways. Why am I saying this? The game of solitaire actually will also train your brain every time you play.  Am not trying to say that solitaire can be used in decision making, but what am trying to drive at is that by training and playing solitaire, there are some skill you acquire that you can use as tools in decision making.

Am hoping that the one reading this article already knows how to play solitaire, and is familiar with the moves because I will be using some of them here to explain the skills they develop. Don’t worry if you have not played, not even the spider solitaire before, just read and you can go back and learn after. After all it’s a very easy game to learn and also playing is not that difficult.  

When playing the game, the goal number one is to make sure that you form four block of cards, and ensure that they start with ace to king and are of same color. If possible, every time you get a new card, the priority is to move that card into the order pile that the card follows in the sequence, or place it into any of the four blocks. Whenever you do this as you make those moves, you are making an approach to win your game. How this game works is that in most cases, to be able to progress to the final goal, you will need to pick a card from the top of any of the four blocks to be able to release another card. What this movement does to your brain is that you learn to understand that sometimes, you need to take a step back and two forward afterwards. When you get used to such, your brain will adapt and be comfortable with this concept, and it’s a decision making concept you will not only use in the game but also in your life whenever decision making is needed.

Playing solitaire will train you to create options and be patient in making your decision. What I mean is that the game will sometimes give you an opportunity to move a card that’s not worth the move. That even if you move it, there is nothing to gain. Let’s say for example, in a certain column, you have black seven, and in another, red six. And now, you notice nothing is hidden under black seven, therefore, if you move the red six card over black seven, you will not gain anything. Some people do move it though. But think of a scenario where you move the red six over black seven, and you find out in the draw that follows has the other black six and you would wish to move it to the black seven and you have already blocked it with red six and there is no other place to place the red six to enable your moves, this will frustrate your game since you have lost a chance to uncover more cards.

This move, trains our brain in making decisions and teaches us to wait and not to rush into making the decision at hand. We learn to wait for the last minute when decision has to be made. This way, we are able to build more option for the best decision. This is not only applicable to the game but also to our day to day life.  

The way our brains work, there is actually no specific area for decision making associated with the games we play. How it operates is that the same area that makes our most important decisions is the same area used in decision making when playing your solitaire game. This fact alone, makes me confident when I say that playing your solitaire card game is not a waste of time as the game will help you develop important decision making skills that will benefit you in your real life routines.

If you don’t play solitaire, you are actually missing a real deal of your life. However, be cautious, solitaire is addictive.